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concrete thinshell

Concrete Thinshells:
Economical. Sustainable.
Virtually Indestructible.

The cost of building, operating, and maintaining conventionally constructed buildings continues to increase. Much of conventional construction is the same as or similar to 1950s construction technology. The air form technology method of construction and insulation is the newest feature of the concrete thin-shell construction technology. Air forming was first used as a construction method about 30 years ago. This technology and construction is now called the Monolithic Dome. The cost for energy to heat and cool conventional buildings is also dramatically increasing. Consequently, many building owners are considering alternative construction systems and methods. A Monolithic Dome structure has several advantages.

In addition, we've noticed a few more benefits worth mentioning. /Indestructible/ Can resist a "Force 5 Tornado(300 miles/hour winds)" and provide maximum safety for the building inhabitants. This structure will be the most stable, reliable, and durable in the high wind conditions in Kansas. /Efficient/ Require the least amount of material to enclose the largest amount of space and fit the requirements for "green" buildings and for sustainable buildings. /Rapid Construction/ Can be erected in much less time than any other conventional construction. This concrete thin shell structure can be erected in 4 to 6 months or even less time depending on the weather and other working conditions. This construction time may not include the rest of the project construction. /Protection/ Provide a building enclosure that protects other building trades work (except site work) from inclement weather so the project construction work can continue without delays and extra cost. /Acoustics/ Have good acoustics for all types of events.