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Diagnosis Phase

There is no point in simply diving headlong into a project before defining the problems to be solved. Our fist step is to assess the client’s needs / wants. Naturally, we'll need some idea of the budget. We do our best to help both ourselves (and even our clients) gain a clearer picture of their expectations and limitations. We examine site constraints, as well as the client’s funding capacity. (Sometimes we’ll even help clients find funding sources, if needed.)

Programming Phase

You could call this our “prescription phase.” Here we make our recommendations, while cross-checking constantly with what we found in the diagnosis phase. We define the scope, and size of the project. We also define the character of the project. As part of this, we begin to define the cost and schedule.

Budget Analysis

It would be a little inaccurate to describe this as a “step” as this is an on-going element of our work. We believe in maintaining the project budget. Staying within the Owner’s approved budget is critical to a project's success. Continuous monitoring is required to make effective decisions with the Owner.

Design Phase

We complete a computer-based virtual building and site for each project. For our clients, this means our they can more easily envision the building at all stages of the project. In addition, drawings, elevations, renderings, etc. are produced directly from the virtual building, greatly aiding the building process. The virtual building contains every component that will be included in the actual building. The virtual building and site also maintain a constant track of all building components, quantities,and other information, ensuring accurate cost estimating/bidding without laborious manual take-offs.

Construction Documents

Construction documents are produced directly from the virtual building. We oversee the construction process for our clients, assuring the project comes out within scope, and in the way the client has envisioned it. Our wealth of experience in designing and managing projects of all sizes—from large mega-churches and assembly halls to small community centers—allows us to efficiently monitor the building process.