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A much needed school.
Geronimo High School // Geronimo, Oklahoma

Geronimo High School is located in a small, remote town—Geronimo, Oklahoma. The board needed a new school that would be as economical as possible, without sacrificing square footage and quality—a tall order. Costs needed to be as low as possible in order to convince the town to pass a bond issue to build the new school. Concrete thinshell domes were the best answer to their problems, they felt, after significant research of various building methods. With renderings of the school in-hand, the board presented the idea to the town. The bond issue passed by a significan margin.

The design consists of a campus of five Monolithic Domes: two classroom domes, each with a diameter of 100 feet and a height of 25 feet with a 10-foot vertical wall; an administration dome and a cafeteria/commons dome, each 75' × 19' with a 10' vertical wall; and a basketball gymnasium, 150' × 37' with a 10' vertical wall.